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Chicago Condos and Co-Ops Insurance



If you or the previous owners made permanent changes to your condo, then you may no longer be covered by your building association’s policy. Permanent changes would include things like cabinetry, bookcases, wall coverings or any other kind of renovations. The David Agency condo and co-op insurance experts can assist you in getting the right amount of coverage for permanent “additions and alterations” as well as to avoid costly shocks at the time of a loss.

We provide in tailored condo and co-op insurance solutions for:

  • Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage:  Provides protection both on and off the premises if you and your family are sued.
  • Loss Assessment Coverage: Covers the unit owner’s share of the cost in cases when the association insurance policy is not enough to cover total damage to the building or a lawsuit against the association.
  • Valuable Articles Coverage: Provides a limited amount of coverage for your jewelry, furs, and other valuables.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Protects your contents against loss, both on and off the premises.
  • Liability Coverage: Avoid costly lawsuits due to such occurrences as someone slipping and falling in your condo or accidental water damage to a neighbor’s unit.


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