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Succession Planning: For The Business Owner

The American Dream – You spend years building your business. Then one day you realize that it will become someone else’s responsibility to run if you retire or meet an untimely demise. There are many nightmares that can occur should you not make a timely plan for that day. Health issues, accidents, or other maladies can cut short the American Dream. With a Succession Plan, you have written down what it is you expect to achieve at your exit, along with assuring that with your absence (planned or unplanned) the goal can be met.

  • Is your wish to transfer your business to family member(s) or partner(s)?
  • Is your wish to sell your business?
  • Is your wish to let the business run; leaving it to you and/or your employees to run, and transferring your ownership at death?
  • Is your wish to be able to have the flexibility to make that decision at a delayed time?
  • What is your plan if you suddenly become disabled?
  • What is your plan if you pass away?

A succession plan is not a simple statement that the business ownership transfers to “X.” On the date of the business transfer, you, your heirs, and your business, could be surprised by:

  • Capital gains tax to be paid
  • Estate taxes to be paid
  • Your replacement team is not ready to take over
  • Inadequate capital to run the business
  • Forced sale of the business (at a “Fire-sale” price)
  • Forced sale to an unfriendly competitor
  • Cancellation of bank support

A variety of products to fund a succession plan are available which may include one or many of the following:

  • Buy-Sell Life Insurance/ Cross Purchase
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance (payable to your business or your successors)
  • Life Insurance (payable to the business or your successors)
  • Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

The above needs to be considered with your own Estate Plans, for your retirement needs and any family legacies you may wish to accomplish.

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