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The David Agency Insurance, Inc. offers you a complete portfolio of Insurance Services available throughout the United States. Founded in 1975, we have access to over 250 different insurance companies, many of them direct. Each of our standard insurance companies carries a rating of ‘A’ (Best Reports) or higher. We have access to a large number of companies, allowing us to provide a wide range of insurance products. We manage risk by matching these products with your financial and management goals. Our highly trained staff will tailor the best plan for your business, personal and financial goals. Each of our 35 professionals is fully licensed in their area of expertise. We do this through our four departments: Personal, Business, Employee Benefits and Financial Services.

Our Client Philosophy is to provide you a team of professionals, each an expert in one of our four departments. Our professionals provide you with any type of insurance that you might need in your daily life, for you as an individual, a family, or for your business. We insure your property, your life, and your earning and savings ability.

We work hard to earn your business, and even harder to maintain it throughout the years of our relationship – through top quality service, knowledgeable professionals, and attention to detail. We invite you to visit our website or stop in and visit our office to get a first hand view of what we are all about.

As an Independent Chicagoland Insurance Agency with national reach, we offer you choice: YOUR choice of the many different insurance companies we work with in order to fit your specific needs.


Green Statement

The David Agency is committed to helping the environment whenever possible –

2010: More Electronic Ballasts and T-8 lamps installed in Agency to replace Magnetic Ballasts in interior lighting with roughly 40% energy savings.

2009: Electronic Ballasts and T-8 lamps installed in Agency to replace Magnetic Ballasts in interior lighting with roughly 40% energy savings.

2009: Motion Detector light switches in Agency were installed in rooms randomly used.

2009: Exterior incandescent lighting at Agency is replaced with sodium vapor lighting reducing energy consumption by roughly 75%.

2006: Cathode Ray Monitors replaced with LCD Monitors with roughly 50% energy savings in the Agency.

2004: The David Agency moved to a paperless environment. What this means is no longer are there file drawers full of paper and warehouses full of our old files. Client files now sit on our servers. Many clients accept paperless policies delivered electronically through email.

2002: Programmable thermostats installed in the Agency that reduces summer cooling usage by roughly 20% and winter heating usage by 25%.

Consult the Chicago Insurance Agents at The David Agency today to learn how we can help develop personal insurance, business insurance and employee benefit plans that are right for you and your business.

Call (630) 516-9000 or email us at info@thedavidagency.com 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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